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Lake Garda West Coast - Manerba Beach

The western coast of Lake Garda (Moniga, Manerba, SalÚ) has a better and earlier sun exposure in the morning compared to the eastern coast of Lake Garda, while in the afternoon the beach is in the shade even at 4 o'clock, due to the fact that the mountains are just behind the beach. The beaches of Moniga, Manerba and SalÚ are usually made of small rocks (pebbles) and the water is clean, if you are not too close to villages and camp sites.

How to get to the beach.
From Desenzano (South Lake Garda) follow the indications for SalÚ. Pass over Padenghe and turn right for the centre of Moniga. Go ahead and follow the indications for "Parco Naturale" (natural park). When you reach the marina, you can park your car. To get to the beach, walk North (the lake is on your right), all through the natural park, whose entrance is to the top of the hill: you'll find very beautiful beaches and clean water. Beware that on some stretches several people practice nudism (forbidden by a recent mayor writ).
Another beautiful beach, in the same area, can be found at Lido di Pisenze. This time, when you reach Moniga, instead of turning right in direction Parco Naturale, turn left, pass through the centre of Moniga and then turn right into Via Pisenze. Once you get to the beach, if you walk South (the lake is on your left) you can find very nice and secluded spots. While, if you walk North and keep going ahead, walking in the water for some stretches, you'll finally get to the famous Isola dei Conigli ("rabbits' island"). I don't think it's such a great place, but it's worth paying a visit.

Compared to the east coast, on the west coast of Lake Garda it's generally easier to park your car and the road is not too close to the beach, but you'll probably have to walk a little bit more to find a nice beach, moving away from camp sites.

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Where to park.

Parking near the strands of Lake Garda is often hard (due to the lack of parking lots) and expensive. If you decide to visit the natural park of the Rocca, you will not have many options about where to leave your car. The first option is parking in the small parking lot of Porto Dusano: but in the summer you will have to pay. From the parking lot of Porto Dusano, you will have to go back along the road and take the footpath on your right, in the woods. Going always straight through the park, you will border the Lake and enjoy an enchanting view from the high. If you do not want to pay just to leave your car in an unattended parking lot, you will have to go straight some hundred metres after the harbour and you will find a couple of areas where you can leave your car, on the hill. Unfortunately, in this case you will have to go back on foot to Porto Dusano to enter the park.

How to get to Manerba.

Most of you will probably reach Lake Garda by car, from the motorway A4. The right exit is Desenzano del Garda. From Desenzano follow the indications for SalÚ. Manerba is just after the village of Moniga del Garda, before SalÚ. When you are in the village of Manerba, you can go directly to the Rocca: you can go by car along a tiny road and up a hill, until you find a free car park. From there, you will go on on foot. After the Rocca, you can visit the natural park, which is not so easy to reach by car, though: still from the village of Manerba, follow the indications for Parco Naturale (natural park), but do not expect to find an official entrance with a gate and a big writing which says "PARCO NATURALE". The park is large area bordering the lake, not fenched, accessible from several footpaths. Few indications inside the park, so be careful not to get lost inside, even if it is not so so large and it's easy enough to orient oneself.

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