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Southern Lake Garda - Sirmione Beach

The beach of Sirmione is great for swimming: there you will find the clearest water of all Lake Garda. The quality of the water is constantly checked and certified. The beach of Sirmione is made of large smooth rocks and pretty clean. The sight is breathtaking: Sirmione peninsula lays right in the middle of Southern Lake Garda.

How to get to the beach.
Reaching Sirmione beach needs a bit of walking. There is no way whatsoever to park your car close to the beach: you'll have to leave your car before the Castle of Sirmione and from there you'll have a 10-15 minutes walk. Anyway, be sure it's worth it.
Just walk straight all through the centre of Sirmione until you get to the thermal baths. Then go straight (don't take the main road going up to your right) until you find Continental Hotel on your left. Still go straight for Punta Staffalo and you'll get to the Lake. You can still walk further and when you reach the end of the rock footpath don't turn right on the stairs (you would go back), but keep going ahead: the path is not so easy but you will find the most beautiful beaches of Sirmione.

If you keep going ahead you can go round the peninsula of Sirmione and finally reach Lido delle Bionde, where you'll find a bar. depending on the level of Lake Garda, you will probably have to walk in the water for some stretches.

There are many other beaches in South Lake Garda, from Desenzano to Peschiera: some of them are nice, but none compares to Sirmione beach, especially for the quality of the water.

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